We keep your data centres running smoothly & indefinitely.

Network Power & UPS

Secure Bits is partners with a number of IT power solutions providers including Vertiv, Schneider Electric and APC. From our breadth of experience, we are able to deliver interoperability between legacy, 3rd party and modern industrial power UPS systems.

Data Center Cooling

Secure Bits can install, maintain and decommission most HVAC and CRAC systems found in modern data centres. Our blend of IT, electrical and HVAC trades make our team ideal for working with any data centre, large or small.

DCIM & DC Monitoring

DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) is a growing field in IT, and aims to add proactive infrastructure planning to your organisation’s ever growing IT capability. We have over 10 years of experience in consulting, implementing and troubleshooting DCIM deployments across Australia

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Critical Infrastructure projects need planning, timely execution and management. We just happen do all 3.

At Secure Bits, we understand your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business operations. Whether it be managing a project from start to end or working along side your existing resources, The Secure Bits team can realise your IT project, at any scale. By making the best use of our team’s synergy of IT, electrical engineering and electrical trades, Secure Bits is capable of planning, executing and project managing your IT projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Integration partners with leading IT solutions providers.

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